Why Life Doesn’t Feel as Good as it Looks in Instagram & the KEY to change that!

Welcome back to your free trainings for a free spirit! If you watched my video last week, you know for the month of March, I’m deconstructing Perfectionism (in all of it’s painful glory). And this week I have a NEW KEY for you– one that instantly has the power to liberate you from this debilitating prison once and for all!

I know you’re a curious one–like me, fascinated by why things are the way they are, and this week I really go there. I cover:
Where perfectionism originates – trust me, you haven’t heard this one before.

Why life doesn’t feel as good as it looks on Instagram.

The specific Spirit Nature keys I used to overcome that persistent feeling that  you’re never quite doing it good enough or right enough.


KEY #2: Taking out the Trash
Time: 20 min
Materials: Pen and notebook

So this week is all about making space for inspiration. If our lives are cluttered with constant chatter, worries and contiguous planning, it makes it very difficult for inspiration to make it’s way into your brain.

In a quiet place, ideally first thing in the morning, find a comfy place in your home. (I like to start my day, with a warm mug ginger, lemon tea, personally… but get your beverage of choice).

This may seem like a waste of time at first, but I assure you it’s very powerful action.

Don’t judge , don’t cross anything out, simply give yourself permission to allow your stream of consciousness to come out. It may be that you forgot to pay a bill, your dream the night before, our plans for the day, who is occupying your heart and mind. Your fears, your dreams, your grudges… This exercise offers you the opportunity to make space in your spiritual and physical universe for inspiration to come in. And accessing your inspiration is the KEY to it all.


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