My Younger Self Woulda Never Dared… !

My Younger Self Woulda Never Dared… !

A year ago this week, I sat on the couch in my beautiful Venice Beach bungalow and looked around at my beautiful art, furniture, books and things I’d been collecting for the past 15 years. I thought to myself: it’s just stuff. It’s beautiful stuff that i worked hard for and loved, but it was still just stuff.

What my heart was aching for was a true adventure and deeply nourishing love.

So I did the one thing that hasn’t let me down yet– I did something that scared me.

I picked up the phone and called the sexy, fiery Frenchman I’d only spent 2 weeks with at that point!

Me: Are Disco and I still invited to come live with you in the jungle?

Him: Of course, darlink! We are waiting for you!

And so it began… the first step in what is surely destined to be the greatest adventure of my entire life.

I share this with you because in our quest for happiness, wholeness and most of all freedom, I’ve discovered that the head rarely gets us there. Planning, being organized, and doing what’s expected might feel like the right thing to do, but this so-called comfort zone has a dangerous underbelly: a life of fear and exhaustion as we search tirelessly for joy and fulfillment everywhere except for where it really lives.

It’s when the heart is running the show does the really good stuff shows up. If you’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled or downright exhausted, ask yourself, what’s a little leap I can take today? Where can I give myself permission to something that scares me a bit? Something you aren’t perfect at? Something that you requires you to be a beginner? I promise it will shake things up in your life in the most magical ways.




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