When You’re a Fraud and You Don’t Even Know It!

For many years I couldn’t figure out why my life wasn’t unfolding with more joy and genuine happiness—especially since I was trying so damn hard.

Much to my surprise, I learned I was a FRAUD in my own life and I had no idea. In fact I would’ve told you I was authentic—I believed I was.

Turns out this buzzword AUTHENTICITY that seems to be everywhere these days actually means something totally different than I thought. And turns out, it’s FAR MORE important than I ever understood when it comes to creating a genuinely passionate, joyful life and manifesting soul affirming, show-stopping, heart thumping LOVE.

Spoiler Alert; working your ass off to prove that you’ve “made it” in love, career, body and life general isn’t authenticity… no matter how good it looks to the rest of the world.

I’m sharing all of the embarrassing details as well as the key insight that allowed me to create a far more authentic, passionate, joyous and loved-up life in my latest Free Your Spirit Video. Because as Maya Angelou oh-so-eloquently said: If you get give. If you learn teach.

To your spirit… it deserves to be free! 




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