GIVING: Are You Doing It Wrong?

As women, we are wired to nurture. This, combined with the (not so subtle) messages we receive from society: Do good, heal the planet, be of service… lead us to believe: if I can just take care of everyone else, I will be happy and fulfilled, and everyone will love me.

Sounds like a good plan right?

Well, not exactly. Turns out there’s some fine print. Turns out there are two very different ways to give:

  1. One rejuvenates us and sends powerful healing ripples across the planet.
  2. The other is totally disempowering and wreaks havoc on our happiness, health and ability to manifest what we what.

Unfortunately, the #2 is what most of are taught from a very young age (YIKES)

 In this week’s video I share a simple (yet radical) shift in perspective that allowed to me transform a life of exhaustion and resentment to a love and abundance…  miraculously receiving waaaaaaay more than I give.

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Who knew judging others was blocking me from everything I wanted?! Learn to shift this INSTANTLY.

It may seem like women judging women just comes along with the territory of being a woman– like getting cat called or cellulite. But I’ve found that judgements are a lot more complex than they appear at face value.

Who knew judgements kill creativity, consciousness and the ability to manifest what we want?! YIKES! (I sure didn’t).

Learning WHERE judgements come from and HOW to neutralize them has essential to my ability to create a happy, prosperous life full of passion, love and freedom. (Yep, it’s that powerful!)

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Regain Your Goddess Status & Become Irresistible to him again!

Has it ever been your experience… where a guy is totally into you, then like flipping a switch, you’re suddenly no longer the magical goddess he can’t get enough of?

If you’ve over the age of.. say 12, chances are this has happened to you.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve had guys who literally would’ve swam through a river of sewage to get me. Wooed me with flowers, trips, gifts, and love notes. And then once I finally decide he’s a good guy, and commit to the relationship fully… something begins to shift. I witnessed time and again my status began to fall. Below his work, below the buddies, below the surf trips, and football games…

Often times this all too common situation gets attributed to biology. Males are wired to spread their seed, so naturally once they conquer, then need to go conquer again. Right?


I’ve learned, there are actually some specific (albeit) unconscious spiritual constructs at play.  As I grew my awareness and made a few shifts myself, I found I no longer ended up in the closet behind a set of dusty golf clubs!

Watch my latest video to learn the 3 actions you can take to regain your goddess status and become irresistible to him again (and it doesn’t involve a wax, spray tan, or playing hard to get!)

Miracles DO Happen (but it helps if you know how to create them)

4 years ago this month I found myself at a very unexpected crossroads. My husband and I had rented a gorgeous apartment in Paris for a month-long artist sabbatical and about 5 weeks before we were scheduled to leave (without any warning whatsoever) he told me he wasn’t coming anymore. He wasn’t coming anymore because he wasn’t sure he wanted to be married anymore. Ummm… Yeah.

In my latest video I share the destructive, unconscious patterns that were preventing me from having my dream life, and the diamond insight I gained that allowed me to go from heartbroken and alone to loved up in this beautiful jungle paradise, with my sexy French beloved, an amazing community of inspiring  friends and a baby girl growing in my womb.

Yes, miracles DO happen.. but it helps if we know how to create them!

When You’re a Fraud and You Don’t Even Know It!

For many years I couldn’t figure out why my life wasn’t unfolding with more joy and genuine happiness—especially since I was trying so damn hard.

Much to my surprise, I learned I was a FRAUD in my own life and I had no idea. In fact I would’ve told you I was authentic—I believed I was.

Turns out this buzzword AUTHENTICITY that seems to be everywhere these days actually means something totally different than I thought. And turns out, it’s FAR MORE important than I ever understood when it comes to creating a genuinely passionate, joyful life and manifesting soul affirming, show-stopping, heart thumping LOVE.

Spoiler Alert; working your ass off to prove that you’ve “made it” in love, career, body and life general isn’t authenticity… no matter how good it looks to the rest of the world.

I’m sharing all of the embarrassing details as well as the key insight that allowed me to create a far more authentic, passionate, joyous and loved-up life in my latest Free Your Spirit Video. Because as Maya Angelou oh-so-eloquently said: If you get give. If you learn teach.

To your spirit… it deserves to be free!