Gateless Writing Salon

Imagine a life where the default mode is unabashed passion, where the gates to your creative destiny swing wide open as though the hinges were greased. 

Envision a reality where your mind focused less on what you didn’t have, what others had, what you need to do more of, and instead your thoughts became a colorful bazaar of inspiration.

Welcome to Gateless.

Gateless is a mind-blowing methodology based on brain science and ancient Eastern thought, Gateless dissolves the long- standing struggle many writers contend with by shifting neurotransmitters, raising immune levels, and giving you access to a channel so you can dance with your own natural-born creative magic.

This kind of writing is an exploration into your highest self. Writers who have experienced Gateless have not only gone on to become bestselling authors, they have made miraculous shifts in their lives.

I’m honored to count myself amongst dozens of talented Gateless teachers who are offering workshops and writing salons in secondary schools, colleges and universities, prisons, veteran groups and in private homes. Gateless teacher training was created by my dear friend, mentor and favorite author, Suzanne Kingsbury. 

Click HERE to experience the Gateless in Costa Rica! 







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