GIVING: Are You Doing It Wrong?

As women, we are wired to nurture. This, combined with the (not so subtle) messages we receive from society: Do good, heal the planet, be of service… lead us to believe: if I can just take care of everyone else, I will be happy and fulfilled, and everyone will love me.

Sounds like a good plan right?

Well, not exactly. Turns out there’s some fine print. Turns out there are two very different ways to give:

  1. One rejuvenates us and sends powerful healing ripples across the planet.
  2. The other is totally disempowering and wreaks havoc on our happiness, health and ability to manifest what we what.

Unfortunately, the #2 is what most of are taught from a very young age (YIKES)

 In this week’s video I share a simple (yet radical) shift in perspective that allowed to me transform a life of exhaustion and resentment to a love and abundance…  miraculously receiving waaaaaaay more than I give.

*If you feel inspired by this video, please share with your communities! Not only does it help me tremendously, but you never know who could benefit from hearing this message today. Women uplifting women is the beginning of a new paradigm on this planet…. and we are revolutionaries!


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