Discover the source of your irresistible magnetic radiance, and turn your lonely, frustrated love life into a committed partnership with a devoted man.

Yes, it’s possible.

Actually, it’s easy when you know how. 

  •  Are you a high achieving woman who’s prioritized career and now starting to worry that maybe you’ve waited too long?
  • Do you have no problem getting dates or short lived relationships but nothing really seems to gain momentum?
  • Are you simply perplexed at this point: why does it seem so easy for other women that seemingly have less to offer?
  • Are you tired making excuses to your family you’re dating but haven’t found anyone special?
  •  Are you ready for a high-quality man to not just rock your world but declare to the world that you are as his woman?
  • Do you feel like time is ticking if you don’t meet someone soon, you’re going to be alone forever?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’m the person you’ve been looking for.

Why me?

I’m Emily Pereira. My clients call me the relationship whisperer.

I’ve spent 12 years (and counting) in intensive and extensive spiritual study with true masters who have life-changing information that isn’t in books. Through this work I gained unique secrets, powerful tools, and deep knowledge of the highest feminine arts that allowed me to transform my love story as well as the women that I have the honor of working with.

If you told me when I was 28, I’d have way more high quality guys after me at 38, I would’ve thought you were drunk or just straight up crazy.

But that is exactly what happened. After years on a hamster wheel of heartbreak and hopelessness, I called in my beloved at 38 and had my first baby at 39. This was no luck or a happy accident.

Change the way you see things, and the world around you changes.

I’m not unique. I see this time and again with the women I assist in transforming their love stories.

My specialty is helping you uncover the blind spots that are preventing you from having the love you crave. Because let’s face it. You’re a talented, successful woman who gets what she wants when she goes after it. If you don’t have it— there’s a reason, and it’s usually a blind spot. Even if you know what it is, but you don’t know how to overcome it, it’s still a blind spot.

Once you dissolve the unconscious blocks that prevent you from vibrating in your innate, intoxicating feminine radiance, you go from chasing men, being rejected and feeling invisible, to having your choice of many high quality guys.


How life would be different with a loving, passionate, I got-your-back-no-matter-what man to go through the ups and downs life by your side. Would a partner to share adventures, inside jokes and day-to-day challenges with with change things? Would it have impact on your relationship with your family and friends? Your career? Your health? Your quality of life?


Before I met Emily, I had spent the majority of my twenties lonely…but rarely alone. It didn’t seem to be a problem, dating guys, creating mountains out of mole hills over one line text messages, convincing myself that I was ok with casual relationships because I was climbing the corporate ladder, going out with my girls and convinced that the way to make everyone happy (including myself) was to create a world that looked perfect. But the reality was that I didn’t feel good. I felt exhausted, powerless and desperate for meaningful connection. After working with Emily I received truly uncommon wisdom that shifted my perspective on who I am at my core, which totally shifted the men who were interested in me. Suddenly I was a magnet for interested, interesting, handsome, never-in-a-million-years would I have thought would like me kind of guys. These men were in pursuit of me. No more translating text messages or wishing for an invite to this or that. And then I met my man. After dating six months, I’m currently in the most open-minded, heartwarming, loving, exciting relationship with a man I would have never have attracted it wasn’t for Emily’s guidance. We’re moving in together in August and it’s all thanks to a woman who took everything I knew about relationships and flipped it on its head. I’m happy to report that life is more beautiful than I imagined and being in love like this has opened my heart to endless possibilities for myself, my love and my relationship. – Claire, Philly

I began working with Emily after the end of a long term relationship. I had recently started “dating” and I felt uncomfortable and insecure. I was only attracting guys who wanted flings. Emily’s unique teachings allowed me to shift my energy and mindset around myself and my relationships. She guided me through exercises and shifts in perspective build up my confidence and own my value. Because of her program I called in the love of my life who really wanted a committed relationship and couldn’t wait build a life together—at age 40!   We just celebrated our year anniversary and are planning an amazing future. I am so grateful to Emily for her love, wisdom and magic! – Heather, Laguna Beach

I joined Emily’s 8 week program after my marriage of 13 years fell apart. Being 38 and divorced in NY was terrifying. But thanks to Emily’s wisdom, 38 and divorced turned out to be the best time of my life. Once I put her practices to the test in my life, I literally became a walking orgasm! Ha! Seriously though I had more hot men after me than I could handle. One rose to the top as the most aligned relationship of my life. Best investment in myself hands down.— Kelly, NYC

If you are ready for a deeply connected, committed loving relationship,  (and in record time), schedule a free discovery call and see if it’s aligned for us to work together.





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