The Modern Woman’s Guide to a Free Spirit: Perfection Edition

Welcome to your free training for a free spirit! Each month, I’ll be diving deep into a planetary construct that holds us back as women. For March, I’m highlighting something that wreaks havoc on our happiness (something you might not even be completely aware of), but that’s intricately woven into “normal life”.

Watch my video below and receive the KEY to breaking free from this thankless prison of perfection AKA spiritual suicide.

*Each week I’ll be providing you with a simple, proven action step that will allow you to see yourself through a new lens that feels like a bonafide superpower. Find the first one here:

Week 1
Time: 1-2 minutes
Materials: Your imagination
Action: Set a Directive

Directives are very powerful. It was the first step I took in accessing my once dormant passion to create! Those last few moments before you go to sleep are an important time to program your spiritual GPS.

It may sound a little woo-woo, but I assure you, those who use this time wisely experience very rapid shifts.

Yours might be something like: My directive is to recover my innate writing ability and to remember.

I believe writing is the gateway drug to creativity because we’re all innate storytellers. Regardless of if you’re putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you tell stories all day to our friends and family, right?


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To Hold On or Let Go? That is the Question.

To Hold On or Let Go? That is the Question.

Choosing to be on a conscious path of growth means two things for certain. First, life will always be an exciting adventure. Second, things are going to change at a far quicker pace. If things are bound to change, the question becomes, how do we decide when to hold on, and when to let go?

While the term “letting go” sounds easy, like a ship gliding gently away from the dock, the reality, often times, is more like jumping out of an airplane at 30,000 ft unsure if the chute is packed properly.

Letting go of anything—friends, lovers, jobs, emotions, illusions, beliefs— takes great courage because we don’t know what the future has in store. For many of us, this fear of the unknown is so great we come up with all sorts of rationalizations to continue holding on to the sure thing.

But here’s the deal: holding on when something shifts out of alignment is even harder. It’s like trying to hold onto a slippery eel while balancing on one leg in a canoe; it’s metal grinding on metal, it’s riding a bike with no seat (and probably no pants). I could go on…

3 signs that someone or something has shifted out of alignment with you:

1. You’re exhausted. Every last drop of energy and creative force feels sucked from your being.

2. You find yourself battling recurrent illnesses.

3. Your constant reminiscing about the past, and focusing to the future is hijacking you from the present moment.

At first I fearfully held on to what I had, and what I thought I knew, like a tenacious barnacle; I practically had to surgically remove myself from pastime people and relationships. And in the beginning those transitions we not as grace filled as they could’ve been had I understood the gifts that were waiting for me on the other side.

But in time, I saw that letting go showed me the gauge of my courage, the depth of my compassion, and the capacity I have to expand.

As I continued to shift and grow, the more frequently I had to pack my chute and jump. And after jump, after jump, after jump, an unusual thing happened. I started to TRUST myself.

I started to trust the process of letting go. I started to trust that rewards would always be on the other side because, (click to tweet) >>>>>> the very the nature of letting go makes space for new connections and opportunities of a more present time alignment to flood into our lives.

What is your experience with letting go?

*And just when I thought I had letting go DIALED, I created an amusing situation that really tested my belief. Stay tuned for Part II, “What Four Inch Heels Can Do to Your Belief.”

When Truth Knocks, Do you Answer?

Sometimes we are cracked open without warning. Other times an unnerving anticipation builds like the click, click, click of the rollercoaster climbing up the tracks before an inevitable fall. Either way, this isn’t the romanticized, sweet pain of the movies.

This is the siren sounding, bathroom floor sobbing kind of pain that kicks us in the gut.

I’ve found that in instances like these, the only way through is in. Inside myself- underneath of the layers of blame and excuses I’ve piled on top of the truth. And if I can press pause on the “poor me” chatter playing on repeat in my mind long enough to ask myself, “Why did I create this?” immense treasures are hidden in these moments.

Many times we miss these treasures because they don’t resemble our mind’s narrow definition of what a treasure is supposed to look like.

On the heels of a very painful break up, where I was cracked open beyond anything I could imagine, I almost overlooked one of the greatest treasures of my life because it came disguised as a question I had massive resistance to answering.

But that did little to stop the question from badgering me… it woke me up in the middle of the night, and was patiently waiting bright eyed and bushy tailed for me each morning.

In an effort to silence it, I considered leaning on my old tricks and knocking back half a bottle of pinot grigio or buying a new spring wardrobe, but something deep inside told me that wasn’t going to work this time. No, I would have to answer the question…

“When are you going to do something that actually matters to you?”

I’d been successful in the corporate world for years, but let’s be real- corporate success isn’t exactly the stuff that lights the soul on fire.

So I quieted my mind, dipped into into my heart, and admitted to myself that I wanted to write.

And in that moment, I realized that I’d been unconsciously creating drama filled situations, (specifically in my relationships) as a way to distract myself from being confronted by this question.

Answering it meant I’d have to do something about it.

I mean… what if it didn’t work out?

Then, I wouldn’t be able to hold it out in the future as some white washed, distant world fantasy as the thing I could always do someday.

As I gave myself the permission to just Be the Beginner, I saw a surge in my passion and ability to express myself through many different artistic forms. I learned that nothing- especially the deep burning passions that live inside of us- is random. Engaging in what lights us up inside, elevates our vibrational frequency and we become like gigantic magnetics attracting people and circumstances into our lives to aid us in the pursuit of our desires. 

When we approach each situation with the understanding that we personally created it to benefit ourselves, we allow hidden gifts and treasures to mushroom up all over our lives. (if you dig it, tweet it!)

Because our thoughts and feelings are the seeds from which our external lives grow, these questions, recognitions, and revelations possess immeasurable value.

It doesn’t matter if YOUR TRUTH shows up like a flashing neon light or casually breezes by like a whisper on the wind- when it comes knocking, the only thing you need to do is LISTEN!

These treasures live deep inside you and hold the secrets to expanding your vision of self so you can come truly alive!

What is the question in your life that’s begging for an answer?


Spiritual Secret 47,631: Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” – Helen Keller

Unless you are cocooned snuggly inside your comfort zone and take no chances or risks whatsoever, life is going to have turbulence. In fact the more we have the courage to face the darkness inside ourselves, and strip away the layers of illusion we insulate inside to feel safe, the more our external lives are going to shift to mirror our internal growth. Change can be really freaking scary, but ironically, it’s the only thing we can count on.


One of the most important recognitions I’ve ever made is, when I let go of trying to control the outcome, and trust that it’s all unfolding for my wellbeing, I navigate these transitions with photo (41)much greater ease and fluidly. This isn’t always easy, and I admit in the past to spending years hanging onto people, jobs, and archaic beliefs long beyond their due dates. I clung to the devil I knew because I didn’t yet trust that the destruction taking place in my life was actually something I created for my benefit to evolve into my highest self. Just as wildfires are absolutely necessary to maintain ecological integrity of many ecosystems, clearing also needs to take place in our own lives before new fertile growth can occur. If we cling ferociously to the past, we often miss out on opportunities to expand our vision of self, which is where we discover the depth of our love, the richness of our unique creative genius, and the brilliance of our spirit.

Our universe is also ever- expanding, and as we transport through dimensional collapses, our planet enters new cycles.

As we set clear intentions for where we want to go, our external lives will rearrange to assist us in reaching the destination where we have the strongest alignment.

The beginner trusts that she is creating her life path to learn and grow and evolve. This is the secret to being much more comfortable with the uncomfortable uncertainties of life.  This is critical because amid the push and pull of life’s complexities, the greatest determinant for creating future-time brightness is your present time vibration. Let go of your worry and know it’s all working out for your benefit!

Do Leopards Change Their Spots?

Uh, no. Leopards don’t change their spots but people can and do change. What your story is today does not need to be your story tomorrow. From my own spiritual evolution and assisting others with their personal transformations, I’ve had the opportunity to observe what differentiates people who successfully transform their lives from those who stay stuck.

The following three steps are essential for dynamic growth and personal change.



Every human has four endowments- self-awareness, conscience, independent free will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.  –Stephen R. Covey

You must get honest with yourself and acknowledge that some aspect of your life is no longer working for you. What might work for someone else—your mom, dad, sister, best friend—isn’t necessarily the right way for you. Set an intention that you want to initiate change in your life; this will set your change in motion. Your mind may be unconscious to your deepest desires, but your spirit knows.

Example affirmation: I am initiating change in my life to be in alignment with my spirit’s deepest desires.



You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem. –Albert Einstein

Your beliefs shape your thoughts. Your thoughts shape your actions. Your thoughts + actions shape everything in your world from prosperity, love, friends, adventure, opportunities, creativity, health, and ultimately your meaning, happiness, joy, and contentment. If you are having trouble manifesting these things in your life, the best things you can do is learn from someone who is successfully creating these things. When I first discovered Spirit Nature nearly seven years ago, the teachings seemed a bit crazy because they were so contrary to what I’d been raised to understand was “true” and “normal”. I nearly dismissed this valuable wisdom as spiritual mumbo jumbo, but I fortunately made a literally life saving recognition: “normal” thinking is responsible for the all the pain and destruction on the planet.  Conversely I witnessed my teacher living an expression of gratitude, love, creative passion, vitality and compassion. I wanted what he had, so it seemed to make sense to listen and try and assimilate what he had to say. Thinking about my own transformation, I have so much gratitude that I trusted myself enough to trust the teacher that came into my life to assist me.

A teacher doesn’t need to be perfect or have every single thing you want, but generally speaking, you wouldn’t take financial advice from someone with no money and you wouldn’t take guitar lessons from someone who has never played before.  Get a new perspective from someone who can shine the light down the path you want to walk.



If you do what you’ve always done you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten. –Anthony Robbins

I know taking action can feel scary, but with each new step you take outside of your comfort zone, you recognize you are a bit more capable than you thought you were. It’s like making deposits in the bank of you, and in time you will build up trust in yourself that you are far more than you’ve given yourself credit for. Small shifts add up to big changes over time.

This means consistently engaging in a new action that is in alignment with your values. Walk your talk. You will begin to attract people of matching vibrations and values into your life. Change yourself and watch your life transform into an expression of ordinary magic.


What is your biggest obstacle to change?