Transformational Retreats

If your spark has fizzled out lately or you’re going through one of those big life transitions, come kick up your heels in the tropical beauty of the Costa Rican Jungle and regain your enthusiasm for life and trust in your path!
April 28 – May 3rd, 2019

You’ve chased perfection. You’ve got a kick-ass resume. You’ve done everything right, right?

So why doesn’t it FEEL as good as it looks?

By now you assumed you’d be basking in the joy of all your hard work, yet you’ve wound up anxious and exhausted, unwell, unbalanced and uninspired. Somehow— in spite of all of your impressive accomplishments—you’re not quite satisfied.


There is another way…

Taking the same Spirit Nature learnings and radical insights I’ve gained over the past 12 years of spiritual study and exploration, I’ve designed a fun, inspiring, and rejuvenating retreat just for you. It’s specially designed to set you on a new magical trajectory– where you walk into a room and heads turn wondering who is this RADIANT WOMAN? The confident, passionate, playful, feminine woman who just glows with ease, grace and joy.

You ARE her at your essence– even if it doesn’t totally feel like it right now. The Mermaid Sisterhood will show you the way back to yourself.


This isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity…

Here’s the deal… the universe only knows one word, YES! If you’re feeling anxious and exhausted and like your life is missing something, the Universe delivers you more of that. No bueno.

When you learn the techniques and shifts in perspective that allow you to vibrate in a place of genuine abundance, that’s when you effortlessly attract it all.

IMG_5957That’s when the loving man shows up and wants to adore you, that’s when you attract a rock solid tribe of inspired sisters, when you sparkle with youthful vitality, and exciting opportunities and invitations suddenly present themselves.

It took me almost a decade to put all the pieces together and I’m thrilled to be able to share this powerful and unique program with women like you, who want and deserve more.

Anxiety and exhaustion disappear as freedom and inspiration become your compass directing you to a life you love!


You will nourish your radiance with:

Nutrition: Not only is the gut responsible for 80% of your immune system , but it’s also the foundation of optimal health, gorgeous glowing skin, a fast metabolism, a clear mind and a good mood.

Enjoy 3 delicious organic, locally sourced gut healing, nutrient dense meals a day + detox elixirs all selected to clean your liver and strengthen your kidneys, reduce inflammation, heal and nourish your gut.

IMG_5955Spiritual Awareness: Your beliefs inform your thoughts and your thoughts (conscious and unconscious) are responsible for every single thing you attract into your life.

You’ll learn:
Δ radical shifts in perspective and powerful techniques that will instantly empower you to navigate life’s challenges and transitions with greater ease and grace.
Δ a revolutionary method for transforming negative thoughts and self talk into potent positivity (key for manifesting).
Δ the secrets to allowing life’s hardships to break you open (instead of down) so you land on your feet again and again and again!

Passion: If you want a passion, you have to be passion. It’s that simple.IMG_5974
Discover the inspired creator inside you with daily writing workshops–no experience required! Why? Because even if you aren’t currently putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) you still tell stories to your friends and family all the time. You are an innate storyteller.

Certified in the Gateless Method, I will lead through through a scientifically proven process to access, nourish and galvanize your dormant creative passion.

Through daily workshops you will connect with your muse (i promise she’s there!), which is the secret sauce for your radiance.

Flow: Flow state is your ticket to the present moment (the only place joy exists!)

ΔUnleash the sheer joy of your inner child and discover through flowing with the mama ocean in beginning surf lessons.

Δ Yoga: Connect to your breath and your physical body with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Using guided meditation, energy medicine tools, mantra (sounds), gentle yoga movement and we will open and balance our chakras. Together, we will gain a deeper sense of feeling our energy centers and explore how these subtle energies are a part of us.

IMG_2456 2

Δ Dance: Discover the source of your irresistible feminine energy through sensual dance without judgment or ridicule. This dance modality increases your confidence and self-esteem while being an absolute blast!


Find your tribe: There are few things as nurturing, empowering and rare as a having a genuine sisters who your back through the ups and downs of life. Despite this time of constant connection, people are feeling more alone than ever before.


The Mermaid Sisterhood’s unique process bonds women hailing from different places and spaces in life in an easy organic way to create life long friendships.

Yes, I’m ready to register!


As the gate to your 5 Star Balinese Oasis slides open, your heart rate slows and you feel your body relax. The sweet smell of hibiscus and the breathtaking beauty of this hidden treasure welcomes you back to nature.

Nestled amongst traveler palms and bananas plants, Casas De Agua’s elegance is the perfect backdrop for this intimate, secluded retreat. Just a few footsteps away from sparkling pacific  (Hermosa Beach Voted #4 best beach (FORBES) in Costa Rica!).


Your gorgeous bungalow with valtued bamboo ceilings, air conditioning, and outdoor shower provides the deep comfort and relaxation you long for. All rooms are shared with one fellow mermaid. If you have someone that you’d like to room with please let me know!

You’ll experience the magic of nature in an elegant, minimalist atmosphere with all the luxuries and benefits women like us appreciate!

Reflections from Past Mermaids

To say this retreat changed my life would be the understatement of the century. I heard Emily on my favorite podcast, That’s So Retrograde and I knew after 40 minutes that I had to meet her and experience The Mermaid Sisterhood. Since the retreat, I’ve fallen in love, created an amazing community of conscious sisters, and have been promoted 3 times! But most exciting … I’ve fallen in love with myself. This woman knows things… things I promise you’ve never heard anywhere else. All of the activities are super fun and don’t feel like “work”, but I assure you they are working. The Mermaid Sisterhood is a MUST for anyone looking for a radical upgrade.
-Claire McClung: Fashion Exec, Philly PA

IMG_6010 It took me a few days to process what I can only call last week’s magic and gifts. I’m still wrapping my head around it, but wanted to send you a note to say THANK YOU. Many people would keep the lessons from their personal journeys to themselves but you’ve made the very admirable choice to share and empower other women to connect to their true nature. I am forever grateful for that. I am enamored by each and every woman on that retreat and it is a testament to the light you attract in your life.    Candidly, this was the very first time in my 30 years that I’ve felt truly encouraged and supported in my creativity. I am so incredibly blessed to have a loving and supportive family, but creativity has never been a focal point to explore. I’ve suppressed it an resisted it and have short-changed myself as a result. Seeing what came through our morning practices (i.e. dancing freely by the third day); surfing (i.e. overcoming the mental obstacles); writing (who knew I had it in me!); and the incredibly positive and encouraging space to explore and discuss…what a gift!   You are vibrant and radiating the lessons you share with others. That kind of authenticity is so rare these days and I am very honored to call you my friend. The life you manifest for yourself everyday reflect the tremendous inner work you have done and continue to do. Your writing is spectacular, I can’t wait to read what I know will be a spectacular published piece. Your partner is so warm and kind and clearly loves + respects you to no end. Witnessing your co-creation is pure magic.
-Diya Chopra: Lawyer, Venice CA

Almost seems like a few lifetimes ago, from the amount of growth I experienced and breakthroughs I continue embrace as a result of the Mermaid Sisterhood. The bonds between females without any competition was so healing and safe. Emily curated this support with fearless grace, encouraging each of us to simply be ourselves and she led by example. She floats through the day, clearly the leader, yet effortlessly allowing time to chat, share, sing, dance, play, connect, dream andtruly IMG_8585experience a freedom most of us women never have before. The days were structured and full, yet not rigid or forced, we flowed with the rhythm of nature, up with the sun, surfed with the tides, and rested when we got tired. Nourishing our spirits, minds and bodies in so many ways. One of the most important and tricky is food, and Manex exceed our expectations, serving with a smile, clean, fresh and absolutely delicious meals. The word abundant, scratches the surface to describe my week, overflowing with joy. This was no superficial slumber party, we all dove deep and excavated treasure well beyond my wildest dreams. I am so grateful, looking forward to the next!! And now a year later, a few more lifetimes ago… I can’t even imagine my life if I didn’t go on that magical journey, which sparked my deep love affair with the written word. In our writing salons I began to pour out stories, deeply locked and protected, which began to breakdown a fortress that blocked me from self. Building a new relationship with myself, based on truth by releasing stories, drama past perspectives shifts into miracles. Now I’m also trained at a Gateless teacher and teaching writing groups in treatment centers, in development process with more than one manuscript- like actual books that all began in this sacred sisterhood!!
-Alysa Osvog: Yoga and Writing Teacher, Orange Country CA (a year later)

IMG_8565Before this retreat I must admit I was in a place of stagnation, feeling deeply exhausted, all alone, and pretty darn sad. My sparkle was gone and it was nowhere to be found. The biggest issue was that from the outside my life seemed pretty “perfect”.  I had it all didn’t I? The loving husband, the nice home, the beautiful baby, safety and security. I was like seriously, there must be something wrong with me!

This was the life I dreamed of, and I was embarrassed to admit it wasn’t enough. Dullness and boredom were my constant companions. When my soul-sister Emily reached out that she had a dream I was crying, I confessed I was down but didn’t know why. She invited me to come on the retreat.

At first I had a gazillion excuses. I couldn’t possibility leave the baby for a week, my husband wouldn’t be on board, but I knew deep down my excuses were hiding the truth that I didn’t think I deserved to go. I’m so relieved I broke through my illusions and gave myself permission to go.

I know this is a dramatic statement but I think this retreat saved my life. It reconnected me with my passion and purpose and reminded me that I am a creative spirit who longs to express herself. I faced my fear of the ocean and can actually say I’m a real surfer now! The breath work session was very emotional for me and had one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life! I created a new tribe of supportive, inspired sisters! We laughed, danced, sang and poured out hearts onto the page.

Emily has such unique, expansive wisdom that returns you to your feminine essence and power in such a fun, light-hearted way.  It doesn’t feel like work, but I am living proof it works!

I left Costa Rica with a renewed of self and truly knowing there are many more possibilities for my life than I could see before. My husband was like who is this new woman I’m married to, and has started calling me his jungle cat! We literally can’t keep our hands off each other (after 8 years together) this is an exciting new development!

Thank you so much Emily. I already told my husband I will be returning next year!
-Yael Alysworth, Brentwood, CA

Yes, I’m ready for a magical journey!


What’s Included:

You cover the travel to get to and from the retreat, and The Mermaid Sisterhood covers everything else!