Past Retreats

The Mermaid Sisterhood (October 2016)
Nourish your body, awaken your spirit, discover your magic.

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As modern women it’s no secret that not only do we feel like we need to do it all and have it all, we feel we need to do it perfectly. And while this drive typically translates to having a life that looks pretty amazing on paper, sometimes it’s easy to feel disconnected from the true magic, passion, and wonder of life.

Let’s get real. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of who we really are under all the pressures of who we’re “supposed” to be, and instead of feeling as amazing as our lives look, we actually feel unbalanced, uninspired, and somehow­— in spite of all of our accomplishments —like we're not enough. Sigh.


Stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
Join us and empower yourself for the life you deserve!

In the company of supportive women, you will begin to connect more deeply with your courageous, powerful, playful, wild, open heart. Whether you’ve been on a path of personal growth for years, or just starting to shake things up, The Mermaid Sisterhood Retreat is an opportunity to access that unique place inside yourself that makes you feel connected, empowered, and inspired!

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Voted #2 best beach in Costa Rica! 

What’s included:
Opening Night Ceremony
6 Nights, 7 Days Accommodations - just steps from the sand
Delicious, Organic Meals & Juices - sourced from local markets
Nutrition Education - eating for health, beauty, and vitality
Beginner Surf Lessons
Daily Vinyasa Flow Yoga Practice
All levels with an emphasis on heart opening sequences.
Heart-Healing Gateless Writing Workshop
Morning Meditation
Dance Party
Closing Night Ceremony

"I knew I was in for an adventure, but what I didn't know was that my whole world was about to open up in the most miraculous of ways! I left Costa Rica feeling a sense of exhilaration that fueled a new found zest and creativity for my everyday life." 
- Yael, Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Consultant, Los Angeles, CA

"From day 1 of the retreat, I began to shed lifelong layers of doubt, negativity, and perfectionism - and what emerged in my writing was my true spirit: humor, lighthearted silliness, and compassion and love for myself and others."
- Dorry, Wellness Entrepreneur, Venice, CA

"With Emily's motivation and encouragement, I broke through my fears and reconnected with the wonderful ocean. Being able to surf gave me so much confidence and a feeling that I could do anything. This trip changed my life and the way I see myself. It created new deep, trusting friendships and established a new sense of confidence in my self and my spirit!"
- Jennifer, Music Event Production, Vail, CO

I’m ecstatic to be co-hosting The Mermaid Sisterhood Retreat alongside one of my dearest soul-sisters, Dorry Golden. Dorry, a gifted yoga teacher, health coach, writer, and truly generous spirit, is an incredible example of how quickly we can our transform our lives into expression of great magic and beauty when we give ourselves permission. I'm honored to have her as my co-pilot for this adventure!  

This retreat is for you if:

- You’re ready to find balance and empower yourself in all areas of your life.
- You love yoga, green juice, and essential oils, (who doesn’t?!), but you want to feel a deeper connection to yourself and your purpose.
- Your cup is never (full)filled because you put everyone else's needs before your own.
- You've been craving an adventure with an authentic group of friends. 
- You’d love to tap into the fountain of youth (it's not what you think!).

Fine print: This retreat may result in some odd and permanent behavioral changes, including but not limited to: A lightness of being, an unshakable urge to dance naked under the moonlight, unabashed creative passion, oneness with the natural world, deep love and compassion for yourself and your sisters, a strong desire to continue to expand your vision of self and live a fulfilling life you never knew you always wanted!

borderWrite Your Story Retreat (Spring 2016)

I’m thrilled to announce I’m hosting the very first WRITE YOUR STORY RETREAT!

Why now?

In our increasingly fast-paced culture, external rewards are promoted as the path to happiness, but where is the vitality and fulfillment we so deeply crave? This retreat is the footpath back to those hidden passions that have been tucked away, those creative urges you’ve had to shelve, the long-lost, mystical connection to the natural world and to yourself. This real life fairytale will help you discover the extraordinary storyteller within and bring you beyond your wildest imagination.

Why me?

An author, surfer, yogi, clean eating enthusiast, and spiritual adventurer, I created the retreat I always wanted to attend. I’ve designed a creative oasis for an intimate collective of women who are ready to take the next leap in their lives. This is my dream vacation.

Why you?

You know somewhere deep down there must be more to life than working, paying bills, parties, lovers, and status updates … but aren’t quite sure what it is or where to find it. I’ve been shown the way by those who’ve gone before me, and now I’m here to remind you of your wings and you were meant to fly!

The magic of this retreat is that there is NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!
As you may have noticed… I’m a big fan of Beginners ;)))))

Our days are organized like this, with room to flow with changes if need be…
6-6:30am Free Gateless Writing
6:30-7am Meditation
7-7:30am Free movement/ stretching to music
7:45-8:30am Breakfast & Morning Share
8:30-9:30am Free Time
10-11:30am Gateless Writing Salon
11:30-1pm Lunch, Free Time
1-3:30pm Beginning Surf Lesson
4-5pm Yoga with Certified Yoga Instructor
5-5:45pm– Free time
5:54-6:30pm Dinner
6:30-9pm Gateless Writing Salon

Also included:
• All healthy, tasty meals are prepared by an in-house chef.
• One private session including Equation of Life Tarot Reading with me.
• You will have your own private room.