“UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN is like reading an intimate letter from your straight-talking, hilarious older sister, who is generously passing down what she has learned from her remarkable journey. Take Emily's words to heart and you will find yourself awakened to a beauty and magic you have never fully known—the beauty and magic of you.”
Gina Otto, award-winning author of Cassandra’s Angel & Founder of Change My World Now

“UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN is a must-read for any modern woman looking to tap into their inner creativity and feminine power. This little book full of HUGE life quaking wisdom offers an entirely new way to overcome fear and achieve success.”
Bizzie Gold, Founder of Buti Yoga + Celebrity Wellness + Personal Development Expert

“Emily speaks candidly about her journey of having done everything you ‘should’ do as a woman, and being it all too — what she’s discovered and offers in UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN is a unique path back to an innocent and celebratory joy that we all crave.”
Layla Martin, Founder of the Sexy Revolution

“UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN is a sparkling, clarion call to women everywhere who know they were meant for so much more, but don’t know what exactly what that looks like or how to get there. This book has will give you wings to fly in ways you never thought possible.”
Suzanne Kingsbury, award-winning, internationally-acclaimed novels, The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me, The Gospel According to Gracey & Founder of The Gateless Writing Method

The way to an adventurous, passionate, fulfilling, happy existence is the EXACT opposite of what we've been led to believe.

What I share in this little book is not some vague promise of happiness. This isn’t a program to help you achieve more (although SO much more will effortlessly appear before you). If you want to transform a life of fear and exhaustion into a grand experiment of love, trust and joy, and know the golden wisdom behind playful smiles, open hearts, and free spirits, purchase my ebook, Unstoppable Woman for $9.99 on Amazon!

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