My Own Love Story

I am lying in bed, listening to an orchestra of noises rise up from the jungle before we sleep. My partner Manex is singing French songs and giving bisous to the little boy growing in my womb.

He’s just cooked us vegan burgers with sweet potato fries, played dress-up with our daughter (she dressed him tutus + put clips in his hair) and gave her and her baby doll a bath.

This is the man who is so devoted to me and to our family, he parents, cooks, and does over 50% of the household chores. He can catch a fish, change a tire, scale a palm tree with a machete to cut me a coconut and talk to anyone in three languages. A master surfer and true adventurer, he’s also tender. The kind of man who forgives, has follow-through, does yoga at 5 a.m. and serenades me with his handpan drum.

If there’s a problem–anything from no water in our well to an expired passport– Manex somehow finds a solution. In a back alley in Buenos Aires, I’d feel safe as long as he is there. This year, I’ve traveled to the States for weeks at a time pursuing my dreams, while he took on full daddy duty. And… he also happens to be super sexy.

Creating life with a true partner holding up the other end of the sky is an incredible feeling. But it hasn’t always been like this. I was once a woman whose path was paved with disappointment and heartbreak.

My Own Love Story

For most of my life, an aligned, genuinely loving relationship felt like a mystery to me. I felt like I had to prove to the people I dated that I was worthy of their love. I could never be completely authentic and vulnerable or feel truly seen and appreciated.

Often I was put high on a pedestal in the beginning and then the person would run hot and cold before finally pulling away or ghosting me completely.

I often felt needy and insecure. I got cheated on and broken up with. I was lied to and manipulated into thinking I was crazy. More than one person rejected me in big and small ways–they’d pull a hand away, put their back to me in bed to me, and ridiculed me.

Looking around at other women, I often wondered what did they know that I didn’t? I was no Gisele Bunchan, but I certainly was successful, fun and attractive enough.

Just months before I turned 29, a devastating heartbreak sent me on a cosmic autoban of self-discovery. And now, after nearly a decade and a half of intensive and extensive spiritual study with true masters who have life-changing information that isn’t in books, I gained powerful tools, and deep (often ancient) wisdom about the highest feminine arts. These allowed me to not only transform my own love story 180 degrees, but also become a light for other women who are so done being alone and ready to call in heart-thumping-passionate-I-got-your-back-no-matter-what-kinda-love.

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