A Woman’s Guide to Love in the Time of COVID

Whether you realize it or not, when it comes to LOVE, the ball’s back in the woman’s court for the first time since the 6 Queens of Egypt! Yes, despite the pain brought on by the pandemic, the silver lining is men recognize the value of truly aligned partnership, and because everyone is more cautious, courtship is no longer a thing of the past. Packed with tangible and fun how-tos, Love in the Time of COVID will guide women to unveiling their most alluring feminine beauty so that you can emerge from this time hand-in-hand with your life partner. Women who have used the tools in this book have found love quickly and easily by discovering how to:

  • Create tension in the waiting game.
  • Meet the man with your mind.
  • Understand the depths of his personality.
  • Create intimacy with eye contact and gesture.
  • Learn to find safety and relaxation in boundaries.