The Quest Paperback

by Emily Pereira

What happens when you realize that you’ve been living a lie?

Emily has the life, selling what Time Magazine hails as the revolutionary new treatment for cancer. Her boyfriend’s start-up gets acquired for almost half-billion dollars, and the view from their beachfront LA penthouse looks bright. Few know she’s on a dangerous journey of extremes, riding an alluring threshold of risk, while languishing at hedonistic soirees. Nothing is too big, too excessive, or ever enough. 

And then, Emily has a shock discovery that forces her to lose everything. She finds herself scraping rock bottom, filled with regret and a desperate longing for a life she can’t return to.  

Enter grandfather alchemist-intuitive James, a cross between Don Quixote and Forrest Gump, who does an MRI on her soul, destroying molecules on their way to serious illness. He initiates her into an ancient paradigm, where women can access a force that paves the way for powerful personal realization. 

By walking beside and sometimes a little ahead of the reader, The Quest gives a brutally honest account of love, loss, and triumph that shifts our elusive understanding of what it means to be truly alive. 

“Raw and riveting. The Quest is a mirror to the modern woman’s soul. Through page-turning prose and her own heroine’s journey, Emily will guide you to shatter your conditioning and come home to your truest self.”
Amber Rae, Bestselling Author of Choose Wonder Over Worry

“Emily’s story shows us where this insidious loop of “not enough” originates and how to heal it. The Quest provides a roadmap for deep transformation where lasting love and incredible compassion become a springboard for living the life of your dreams.”
Shauna Shapiro, PhD Professor, Author Good Morning, I Love You: Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Practices to Rewire the Brain for Calm, Clarity & Joy

“Emily Pereira’s message is utter wisdom bomb for me. Her work has the power to truly set people free to be their fullest creative selves. She has been a huge contributor to my own creative evolution.”
– KC Baker, Founder of the School for the Well Spoken Woman and WomanSpeak

“The Quest is a laugh out loud, wild page-turning spiritual adventure. You will get full body goosebumps again and again. I literally could not put it down. If you want to rediscover a sense of hope, inspiration and the joy of being alive, The Quest is for you!”
Melissa Ambrosini, Bestselling Author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, Open Wide & PurposeFULL

I guess I am what you might call a skeptic when it comes to books like this, but I saw how much it changed my sister’s life, and she told me that it was an amazing adventure and since I’m locked in my house, I figured why not? What a huge surprise, I have never been this affected by a story. I felt like Emily was my guide, my best friend and in some weird holographic reality, I became her (which was kind of a blast, I have to say). This book is like a decade of therapy but it’s actually really fun, you can’t stop turning the pages, and I felt like a little like a lunatic laughing out loud by myself in my apartment with my cat. I’m realizing I’d been walking around jaded and this book woke me up and gave me hope. It has changed my life in so many ways big and small. The best part the first chapter of her next book is at the end of this one. I keep checking her website to see when her next book is coming out. In the meantime, I am reading this one all over again. Get it.

The skeptic turns believer

Amazon Customer

Emily is the real deal. The first half of the book underscores how it can look as if you have it all and not be free at all: free to be your authentic self, to be vulnerable, to live in the moment, with real alignment and purpose, etc. Emily embeds life lessons through story and humor, and the takeaways are immediately applicable. I wasn’t sure I’d like this book, but I went to a class led by Emily and liked her energy so I bought it. Instead, I am surprised both how much I am enjoying reading it and how useful in a clear, non new agey, real deal way it is. It’s more about changing your mindset than lots of routines, courses or rules, etc. I already started putting the ideas to work and they helped a great deal.

A really great surprise

Kary H. Krinzman

Last year, I wanted to return to Costa Rica solo, so when I came upon Emily Pereira’s Mermaid Sisterhood Retreat, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity: yoga, surf, detox, and most importantly writing time without distraction. I paid a deposit and then COVID hit. Soon after I noticed that Emily was planning a “Love Summit” and launching a book. I was skeptical of both. I viewed myself as contently married writer, and the LA marketing of “Calling in Your Love” and the “Relationship Whisperer” felt well, too LA for this SF Bay Area gal. Yet, I kept following Emily’s IG stories online that drew me in with her open hearted clips about motherhood and even getting her car stuck on a treacherous jungle road. Then Emily offered that if her followers bought three copies of her book, The Quest: From the Hollywood Hills to the Amazon Jungle: One Woman’s Search for Enough, she’d include a drawing for a free trip to the retreat I had already paid for. I started thinking about all of the women in my life who could use these five days. So, I decided to buy the books and send the email out to a group of friends.

Page turning to Peace of Mind

Kimberly Cates Escamilla

LaTHIS BOOK. WOW! I can’t recall a book that’s touched me like The Quest has. I never leave reviews, but I feel compelled to share how incredible this read is. Somehow Emily manages to weave complex spiritual concepts into a highly entertaining story that’s super easy to digest. I literally could not put it down. To say it’s an education is an understatement. The wisdom passed through these pages is up there with the most revered spiritual texts, but what makes it so exceptional is that it’s fun, honest, funny, relatable and not pretentious in anyway. I laughed out loud, cried too many times to count, and feel inspired about new possibilities. Every woman needs to read this book.

Chick lit meets Brené Brown

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