Emily Pereira is a yoga teacher, Gateless Trained writing teacher and Spirit Nature Certified Spiritual Advocate. Most important to her— she’s a woman who’s FOR other women.

Formerly entrenched in the corporate world and caught in an endless cycle of never feeling like IT was enough, Emily had a much (needed) appreciated spiritual awaking that allowed her to recover her dormant creativity.

She wrote a novel, learned to play guitar, write and sing original songs, paint large canvasses, and dance in Le Vie Noir burlesque troupe – all after 32 years of believing she didn’t have a creative bone in her body! Utterly thrilled to find such magic living inside of her, she was amazed to discover that becoming her own irresistible muse sparked a wildfire that tore through her life, burning up everything that wasn’t aligned with guiltless freedom, radical personal realization, and unabashed passion. 

Via her transformational retreats and courses, she works with women worldwide to awaken the muse within as a path to healing— where self worth, joy, and unquestionable purpose can’t help but flourish.

Emily currently lives in Mal Pais, a dusty little surf town along Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, with her beloved Frenchman, Manex and their pups Kali and Disco. Together they are building the Spirit Nature Retreat Center: an oasis of healing, creative exploration, and community nestled deep in the jungle.



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