On paper you’ll see I’m an international retreat leader, certified yoga teacher, Gateless trained writing teacher, and life coach specializing in helping women manifest their dream relationship. I’m also the author of the forthcoming book, The Quest. 

But what paper doesn’t tell you is I once entrenched in the corporate world and caught in an endless cycle of never feeling like IT was enough. But the time I got to my late twenties I had a closet full of Louboutins and designer dresses that did absolutely nothing to quell the constant undercurrent of anxiety and exhaustion I felt. I was uninspired and unwell (and sure I’d made horrible mistakes) becuase the life I expected to magically unfold before me was nowhere in sight. The fear that it might not work out for me was so real, I may have been in a kiddie pool full of great white shark with hamburger patties duct taped to my ribs. I couldn’t figure out why it seemed to be working out for everyone else while I felt so stuck.

In my darkest days, a spiritual powerful teacher appeared who helped me understand there was nothing wrong with me, I’d simply been operating off of a bunch of illusions about myself and the way the world works that weren’t serving me. James gifted me with an entirely new way of seeing myself and the world that felt and still feels everyday like a bon-a-fide superpower.

My new perspective allowed me to access my dormant creative passion after not believing had a creative bone in my body, transmute pastime resentments into genuine gratitude, and most of all love myself in spite of my perceived imperfections. (yes, that’s possible!)

To live is to be challenged at times no matter who you are or how long you’ve been “doing the work”. There will always be seasons of joy and sadness, love and pain, death and rebirth, but…

I discovered a radically supportive belief system that’s made it possible to land on my feet again and again with greater compassion for myself and others no matter what challenges life throws at me.

Twelve years on, life is more magical any of my younger self’s vision. I live in Santa Teresa, a little seaside town along Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, doing work that is deeply meaningful to me, building The Spirit Nature Retreat & Wellness Center with my beloved Frenchman Manex, our baby girl Saïa Moon, and our pups Kali and Disco. Together we lead The Mermaid Sisterhood Retreat, a deeply immersive Writing-Yoga-Surf retreat designed to help you turn on your light and shine from the inside out.

These days I’m experiencing a vitality I honestly didn’t know existed before (especially not at 41!). Is my life perfect? Not at all. My compass is set to expansion which means there will always be mountains to climb. The difference (and this is BIG) is I actually have actionable tools that make it possible to navigate the challenges with more ease and grace and humor!

What I know is a meaningful life, with true love and sparkling health is possible for EVERY woman– when she has the information. 

Even if you are in presently feeling hopeless, invisible, and like you’ve made horrible mistakes, I assure you that doesn’t have to be your future. A truly Radiant Woman lives deep inside you. When you know how to embody her, you become a magnet for all of your hearts desires.  As a Spirit Nature certified coach, I teach the very same wisdom that allowed me to change my life so spectacularly. I will show you the way… back to your light.

To set up a free discovery call to see if it is in the stars for us to work together, email me: emilybegins@gmail.com


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