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Hi, I’m Emily, Welcome! I’m an author, international retreat leader, and women’s coach, specializing in helping women call in heart-thumping-passionate-I-got-your-back-no-matter-what love. If you’re ready to call in the one, you’re in the right place.


Call In

Does the relationship of your dreams feel like a figment of your imagination? Are you ready for that happy, committed relationship but don’t know where to find it? Welcome! It’s no luck, chance or coincidence that your quest for love led you here. This isn’t about swiping right, learning to play hard-to-get or creating the ideal body, this is about something far deeper and electrifyingly fun. Together let’s transform your love life into one where you are cherished for your uniqueness and consistently adored and respected by a devoted you are madly in love with. This is your birthright, and it’s easy… once you know how.

Mermaid Sisterhood

The pressure to have the “perfect” life is real. But beneath the “security” of this so-called comfort zone lies a dangerous underbelly: a life of exhaustion as you tirelessly search for meaning and self-worth. This retreat, voted 20 Best Wellness Retreats by Harper’s Bazaar, is the footpath to that magnetic, playful, radiant woman inside. The teachings you receive during this intensive 5-day Costa Rican retreat radically shift your perspective, gift you with laughter, wisdom and incredible abundance. The Mermaid Sisterhood returns you to your core essence, that glowing joyful self who brings the world to you, rather than you having to reach for it.

Magic For

Are you craving deeper intimacy and revitalized passion in your relationship? Have the pressures of career, finances, health, aging parents and kids created a wedge in your once electric connection. Are you worried that plentiful magic that was ever present in your relationship has gone MIA with no mention of when, or IF it will return? Do you want to learn a secreted way of making love on a soul level so that you intoxicate and tantalize each other, both in and out of the bedroom? Yes, even in a long term relationship, this can be your beautiful reality. This is the start of an incredibly exciting journey where you feel like you are falling in love again for the first time.

“Emily has such unique, expansive wisdom that returns you to your feminine essence and power in such a fun,
light-hearted way. It doesn’t feel like work, but I am living
proof it works!”

— Yael Aylsworth, Brentwood CA


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