6 ways to Rev your Radiant Feminine Energy!

1). Revitalize Your Cells

tidepoolsNot only is the gut responsible for 80% of your immune system, but it’s the foundation of optimal health, gorgeous glowing skin, a fast metabolism, a clear mind and a good mood. All of which contribute to your radiance.

Every cell in your body lives on food and releases the toxicity. So when you eat toxic things, the cells are not only under nourished, but the lymphatic system (the body’s sewer system) is overloaded and becomes stagnant. This causes a whole host of unsavory issues from breakouts, eczema and cloudy eyes that actually indicate more serious issues lurk beneath the surface. Toxicity causes aging and dulls vitality.

Your body is your friend, your home, your support system and your vehicle for navigating your human experience. The more you nourish it with nutrient dense food and love, the more you will shine.

Quick Rule of Radiance:
People are all over the place these days when it comes to eating and I while I believe while there is no one size fits all, decreasing the amount of acid forming foods like coffee, alcohol, bread, pasta, rice, and sweets in favor of alkalizing foods like veggies and fruit, will boost your glow instantly.

Fruit has gotten a bad rep in recent years for having too much sugar. But after many YEARS of avoiding fruit for this very reason, I can tell you fruit sugar really isn’t the problem.

The difference between fruit sugar and a say… a chocolate brownie sugar is that fruit sugar (fructose) comes wrapped in fiber, which slows the absorption into the blood stream. Every bite is nutrient-dense, packed with antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients. This magical food simultaneously detoxifies your lymphatic system, making it the most efficient fuel for your body.

By now you’ve heard every celeb under the sun attribute her wrinkle free skin to water. However to really boost your hydration, get your water through high-water-content food that has enzymes and life preserving elements that can penetrate the body’s individual cells more effectively than water alone. High water content foods should predominate our diets, the highest of which is fruit.

Citrus fruits have the highest detox properties as act as an astringent for the lymphatic. Squeeze some lemon in your water to boost its power. Take care to always eat fruit an hour before any other food and two hours after. When mixed with other foods it can causes fermentation in your digestive tract, which leads to gas, bloating and a bunch of other unsavory things that deplete your radiance!

Radiant Secret:
What you eat is an immediate investment on how you feel, a medium investment on how you look, and a long-term investment on your health.

2) Slow Down to Rise Up

IMG_2465 (2)You are meant to move, but the difference between moving to keep busy and moving to feel alive is dramatic.

Our culture glorifies busy, but packed calendars and contiguous planning carry the very dense (masculine) vibration of “doing” rather than the feminine frequency of simply “being”. Running masculine energy through a female body is like pouring beach all over your innate radiance. Not to mention a big obstacle if you want to attract a masculine man.


Quick Rule of Radiance:
Moving in ways that deliver you to the present and remind you that that it’s ok to just BE YOU will rejuvenate your radiance immediately. Swaying your hips to music (in a figure 8-like motion) delivers you to your sexy, sensual self. Yoga, the practice of stillness within movement, returns you to your breath which is your foundation for calm in spite of any challenges you are facing in your life. Being allows you to vibrate in the soft openness of your innate femininity.

Radiant Secret:
You do not need to prove or earn your value each day by having a long list of things that you’ve checked done. You are a human being! Which means you have value just because you exist.

3) Be the Beginner

IMG_2456 2I grew up believing you were either genetically blessed with the creative gene or you weren’t. I didn’t understand that I was unconsciously freezing myself out of this deeply fulfilling, soul affirming, radiance generating part of myself

Turns out creativity is an energy that’s a natural part of being human. So when we have I’m not good/talented/experienced enough (dense) thoughts, we block this light creative energy from being expressed.

Usually this is so unconscious, it shows up as a general apathy for creating things like: art, music, dance, writing, poetry… Paper Mache, whatever it is.

Quick Rule of Radiance:
Creative passion is the lifeblood of the human experience. Inspiration connects you to who you are and why you are here. In moments of inspiration, sadness and past regrets fall away, while fear and anxiety for the future vanish. It is enough in that moment and so are you. This is a superfood elixir for your radiance. Without knowing this magical part of yourself, your life is rampant with fear and exhaustion as you tirelessly search for meaning and fulfillment everywhere except for where it really lives (in your passionate heart).

Radiant Secret:
You don’t need to be perfect to participate. Your radiance doesn’t care. You just need to give yourself permission to be the beginner; the beginner isn’t supposed to know anything anyway, so as the beginner you can never fail. It’s the ULTIMATE FREEDOM.

The beginner’s mind returns you wonder and joy… the epitome of a light-hearted, radiant woman.

4) Radical Personal Responsibility

IMG_2457Your information feeds your beliefs and your beliefs feed your thoughts and your thoughts either feed or deplete your radiance.

The thoughts inside your head are yours. That’s obvious. Or are they? Well, not exactly. You’ve actually been accepting “programming” from the day you were born from those who have come before you, and those around you. Things like, boys should wear blue and girls should wear pink to believing you need to live in a certain zip code, drive a certain car, affiliate with a certain political party, and so on.

Are there any thoughts you maybe agreed to a kid that aren’t serving you?
Are there any messages you received about you that aren’t serving your highest good?

If you believe you can’t do it, or believe you can, you are correct. EVERYTHING in your life is a reflection of your inner world.

Quick Rule of Radiance:
Taking personal responsibility for every single thing in your life— the good, the bad and downright crazy is not only utterly sexy, but the fast track to all things good. Ask yourself, why did I create this? And then find the gift. The gift is a shift in perspective, a recognition, or a moment of clarity that leads to greater compassion for yourself and others. This allows you to vibrate in a gratitude which is like vitamins for your radiance.

Radical Radiant Ritual:
For the next 21 days (and hopefully beyond) first thing in the morning when you wake, write down 10 things that you have gratitude for and why. The reticular activating system in the brain magnifies whatever gets attention, or in other words whatever you focus to grows. 

Radiant Secret:
Gratitude is the most powerful emotion for attracting abundance into your life. The universe is not some benevolent being that grants some blessings and others hardship. It is simply a mirror that boomerangs back to you the energy you are putting out.

5) Make Space

IMG_2863At your deepest core, you want to be fully seen for you are and loved for what is seen. Every human does. Having a rainbow of relationships that inspire, honor and nurture your authentic self is essential for your radiance. Unless you feel safe to be vulnerable in your relationships, you are performing on some level. This is a stress level that releases cortisol, compromises adrenal function and depletes you.

Quick Rule of Radiance:
Take an inventory on the everyone in your life. Are those closest to you people who:

  • Really have your back?
  • That you can call up and laugh and have fun with?
  • That you totally be yourself with?
  • That inspire you?
  • That encourage you?

Radiant Secret:
Your radiance has no time for toxic people that don’t make you feel seen and loved. When you let go, you make space for new people that share your present time alignment to enter your life.

6. Become BeautyFULL

IMG_6617 (1)Contrary to what the beauty industry would like you to believe, radiance can’t be applied, plumped, implanted or frozen. Now, please know, I’m in full support of you doing whatever makes you feel good. Truly. It’s just those things don’t have anything to do with that alluring energy that commands every head to whip around the moment you walk into a room.

Shining in the full expression of your beauty starts with accepting yourself—even with your flaws. Radiant beauty blooms when you celebrate your uniqueness, your spirit, and humor.

Quick Rule of Radiance:
-Others will adore you to the degree you adore yourself.
-Others will find you captivating to the degree you captivate yourself.
-Others will desire connection with you to the degree you are connected to yourself.

When you are feelin yourself, go out and share it with the world. Have a good flirt! Even when you aren’t feeling yourself, go have a flirt! Flirting is utterly empowering. Will you get many invitations? I’m sure you will. But that isn’t actually the goal. It’s purely for your pleasure and enjoyment. So next time you see the UPS delivery guy, the doorman, or the guy who collects your ticket on the train, think of something you delight in about yourself and flirt up a storm. Try and it see how radiantly alive you become!

Radiant Secret:
When you are lit up by yourself, your life and your passions it is physically, spiritually, universally, cosmically impossible for others to not be drawn to that light. Promise.



I traded LA Life for the Costa Rica Jungle

I traded LA Life for the Costa Rica Jungle

A month shy of my 38th birthday, I find myself in a bit of a funk. Maybe it’s because I didn’t make my yearly pilgrimage to an exotic locale over the holidays, or maybe it’s because it’s January, and January feels like one long Monday. Nonetheless, I feel blah. I just don’t know exactly why. But I do know that whenever I get that feeling, I have to do something that scares me a little—something that forces me to the edge of my comfort zone.

So before I can talk myself out of it, I book a three-week solo adventure to Costa Rica—Santa Teresa to be exact. It’s the dusty little surf town where my love affair with the ocean began. The forgotten strip of earth I found myself returning to again and again after college with my best friend as we backpacked through Central America. That trip is planted firmly in my memory as the happiest and most free I’ve ever felt.

Of course I expect things will have changed, but nothing prepares me for what I witness when Costa Rican Sean Penn (aka my taxi driver) drops me off at my Airbnb. The town has exploded with chic restaurants, organic cafes, fresh juice bars and deeply tanned expats speaking a mélange of languages.

As luck, or destino would have it, my temporary home consists of three geometric domes surrounding an all-white open-air bar that looks like it’s been plucked straight out of the Greek islands. The owner, a Chilean woman named Marcela (with whom I surely shared a past life), welcomes me with her contagious laugh.

We become fast friends—despite my B-minus Spanish skills—and within a few days I have a position as a cocktail waitress at her “Bringing Sexy Back” Thursday night party (apparently JT isn’t the only one).

Each morning, I wake just before dawn, eat a giant papaya and pad barefoot down to the beach balancing my surfboard carefully on my head. The ocean, warm and inviting, immediately returns me to the previous October when I lead a group of women back to their hearts on one of my creative adventure retreats in the north of the country, Tamarindo. During our final sunset surf session, as the sea swelled beneath me and the sky exploded with color above me, I realized how much my entire being had been craving a slower pace, a deeper connection with the natural world and myself. Watching the sun sink below the horizon, I whispered a little intention to myself, I don’t know how and I don’t know when—but I’m going to live here someday.”


tide pools

I’ve long lived by the understanding that everyone, everything and every experience I create is a reflection of me in some way (which isn’t always the easiest way to roll) but this time, this trip, I’m pleased to effortlessly attract an eccentric mix of kind, hilarious, spiritual characters who generously extend me invitations to dinners, sunset jam sessions, waterfall jumps, camping trips and dance parties.

It reminds me that when we love ourselves enough to take leaps, even when they scare us, especially when they scare us, that good old net really does appear. And wow, does it appear.

As one week rolls into two, I literally feel myself opening—expanding with curiosity, bursting with inspiration, overflowing with faith in myself and in the good people of this planet.


And just when I least expect it, as I stand alone at the end of the path for a good 10 minutes trying to determine if I’m brave enough to paddle out into the huge windy surf alone, I hear a deep French accent, “You’re Marcela’s friend, right?” I whip my head around. His face covered in zinc, I almost don’t recognize the high-cheekboned guy with the piercing blue eyes my Chilean soul sister introduced me to when we passed him in the street a few days ago. “Oh yeah,” I say, suddenly remembering. “I’m Emily.”

“Manex,” he reminds me. “How does it look?” “Uhhh…” Big and windy and scary! “A little blown out,” I offer nervously. “I sink will be good, no?” with a slight motion that I should follow. Or at least that’s how I take it. The waves are nearly head high, but after about 20 minutes, the wind drops off, the water turns to glass and he’s right, it is good.

His English is about as good as my Spanish, but I manage to find out that he’s been living in Santa Teresa for nine years, is interested in expanding his consciousness and does just about everything from making sushi to leading adventure tours to property development.

Before I catch my last wave he invites me to dinner. And just after seven o’clock, I hear the roar of his motorcycle as he pulls into the gravel out front. I peek through the palm fronds to see Manex—French on the top (white, gauzy linen collared shirt), Costa Rican on the bottom (shorts and bare feet).

Costa surf trip

From that moment on, Manex and I spend nearly every moment together, and come time to leave, he invites me to extend my ticket and join him and his buddies on a surfing adventure all around Costa Rica. When he finally drops me at the airport two weeks later, he says,”Darlink, I know from when I work in zee restaurant, zee man know exactly what he want. He say, I want zee chocolate cake. Zee wo-man. Zee wo-man, she change her mind. She say I want zee chocolate cake. No, no … actually I want zee ice cream. Ahhh … I sink I want zee pineapple sing. So go home, sink about it, you want, you come back and we make a bebe.”

I delight in suppressing my giggles and brush it off as French romance at its finest.

But apparently intentions are no joke. The minute they’re declared in earnest, the universal puppeteers begin manipulating the energetic strings of reality to align you with that intention. Back in Venice Beach, sitting in my beautiful bungalow on my beautiful post-modern white couch surrounded by my once important things, all I can think of is the freedom I felt flying through dusty streets on my scooter, cruising over the crest of wave after glassy wave and the peace in my heart I felt in Costa Rica.

manex and i

I sleep on it. And then I sleep on it again. I sleep on it for a good week. Then I pick up the phone, dial a certain Frenchman and do the one thing that hasn’t let me down since—something that scares me a little.

—Written with love from my new home in Costa Rica with a little bebe growing inside me.

Originally published by The Zoe Report.  


Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage

These days leading up to THE BIGGEST day of my life… I want to savor them, chill in a hammock with a coconut in hand, and enjoy these last few moments of calm. But right now baby girl is breech. That means she’s sitting upright, not in the head down, ready for arrival position.

I found out a couple weeks ago and have since been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions trying to make peace with the reality they may need to cut me open an airlift her out. So different than my dreams of initiating myself into motherhood the way our bodies were designed to do it. Trying to find the balance between doing just about every baby spinning exercise under the sun: walking, yoga, meditating, handstands, dancing, and crawling to encourage her to turn and trying be ok just laying around and eating pancakes because a midwife told me my stomach was too muscular, and I needed to soften. Or do I just need to soften my thoughts?

Of course I consulted my mystics who said my resistance to the c-section the very thing calling it in. I guess there’s no way around: what you fear will appear.

So trying to think of the positives of a c-section like not peeing in my pants when I sneeze or ripping myself in two. Although I’d take both of those happily if she decides to turn.

Today I’ll breathe in this salty air and remind myself to trust that my daughter is coming with her own unique wisdom and this is the beginning of learning to kneel to it.

Maybe my rite of passage is realizing it’s not just about me and what I want anymore?


GIVING: Are You Doing It Wrong?

As women, we are wired to nurture. This, combined with the (not so subtle) messages we receive from society: Do good, heal the planet, be of service… lead us to believe: if I can just take care of everyone else, I will be happy and fulfilled, and everyone will love me.

Sounds like a good plan right?

Well, not exactly. Turns out there’s some fine print. Turns out there are two very different ways to give:

  1. One rejuvenates us and sends powerful healing ripples across the planet.
  2. The other is totally disempowering and wreaks havoc on our happiness, health and ability to manifest what we what.

Unfortunately, the #2 is what most of are taught from a very young age (YIKES)

 In this week’s video I share a simple (yet radical) shift in perspective that allowed to me transform a life of exhaustion and resentment to a love and abundance…  miraculously receiving waaaaaaay more than I give.

*If you feel inspired by this video, please share with your communities! Not only does it help me tremendously, but you never know who could benefit from hearing this message today. Women uplifting women is the beginning of a new paradigm on this planet…. and we are revolutionaries!

Who knew judging others was blocking me from everything I wanted?! Learn to shift this INSTANTLY.

It may seem like women judging women just comes along with the territory of being a woman– like getting cat called or cellulite. But I’ve found that judgements are a lot more complex than they appear at face value.

Who knew judgements kill creativity, consciousness and the ability to manifest what we want?! YIKES! (I sure didn’t).

Learning WHERE judgements come from and HOW to neutralize them has essential to my ability to create a happy, prosperous life full of passion, love and freedom. (Yep, it’s that powerful!)

*As always, if you find this video insightful, please consider liking it or sharing it with your friends. You never know who might be able to benefit from receiving this message today! And women lifting up other women is the beginning of a new paradigm on the planet. XO!

**Be sure your YouTube setting (little screw icon in right corner) is on HD, otherwise I’ll be blurry**