In the summer of 2013 while editing a writer’s book, Suzanne Kingsbury had an experience of being filled with an intelligence that was both unconditionally loving and beyond the confines of the human condition. As she worked with this source, she found she could “channel” into the programming and vast potentiality in another being, offer the person direction that resulted in powerful transformation and express a clear path to their singular genius and expansion.

Today, her understanding of the source channel is that it is of the Akashic and Ascended Masters and is the result of many lifetimes, including the influence of an ancient matrilineal tribe of female scribes in ancient Mesopotamia.

She has been trained in Peruvian and Celtic shamanic practices, energetic healing from the Thai and Japanese traditions and in Southeast Asian meditation. Her channels call from your ancestors and have a profound affect on the lives of the listeners.

Suzanne is a source channeler who works with the Akashic and the Ascended Masters. She is trained in Celtic and Peruvian shamanic traditions, the Japanese and Thai healing arts and the meditative spiritual traditions of Moroccan Sufism and Sri Lankan meditation. Her channeling exists to move you to the highest potentiality of the human spirit where you may bask in your singular brilliance and expansion.