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I so delighted in the free flowing magic, playfulness, brilliance and creativity of The Mermaid Sisterhood!! Emily’s feisty spirit and quick mind and lush soul made this experience as deep as it was FUN! Her ability to listen and make each woman feel loved and seen is a true gift. And it was amazing to witness everyone (including myself) bloom like wildflowers. I have SO MUCH gratitude for this incredible week!!

Kelley Martel, 50

Marin County

Discovering Emily, a woman, so foreign to me, so free and unapologetically herself– my first intention was run. Something inside said: STAY. SEE THIS THROUGH.

I soon forgot my preconceived notions and through the carefully curated program discovered the beauty of myself! This was the first time in my life I experienced the feeling of true self love.”

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Eternally grateful,

Theresa Wollner, 34


This week has been a magical experience and adventure into ourselves, the elements, and our connection to the earth. Through your guidance, insight and knowledge we all connected on such intimate levels. We truly became a genuine sisterhood!

I am grateful you followed your dream and opened this gorgeous your retreat center.

Through your guidance, I pushed past limits I didn’t know we had. I can’t believe you got me up on a surfboard!

I love you and deeply appreciate you sharing your gifts and love with us. This retreat has truly been life altering

Elly Molina, 69

New York