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Mermaid Sisterhood

Our culture promotes external rewards as the track to happiness, but where’s the vitality and fulfillment we so deeply crave? This retreat is the footpath back to those hidden passions that have been tucked away, those creative urges you’ve had to shelve, the long-lost, mystical connection to the natural world and yourself.

Embark on an Adventure of a Lifetime!


Gateless Writing

Creativity isn’t a gene that skips some and blesses others; it’s an energy, an inherent magic waiting to be woken up. Gateless is a mind-blowing method, birthed from Eastern thought and proven by science, that rouses the irresistible muse within, returning to your storytelling roots.

Discover Your Unique Creative Genius!


The Beginner

On the threshold of an ever-expanding digital reality, authentic face-to-face connection becomes inimitable. A new twist on the classic dinner party, The Beginner Dinner merges the joy of childlike play with creative expression as we venture together towards meaning and magic on a road less traveled.

Engage, Participate, Celebrate!