Mermaid Sisterhood

The pressure to have the “perfect” life is real. But beneath the “safety and security” of this so-called comfort zone lies a dangerous underbelly: a life of fear and exhaustion as you tirelessly search for meaning and self-worth everywhere except where it really lives. This retreat is the footpath to the magnetic, passionate, playful, radiant woman who just glows with ease, grace and joy. YOU ARE HER… The Mermaid Sisterhood will show you the way back to yourself.

Embark on an Adventure of a Lifetime!


Gateless Writing

Creativity isn’t a gene that skips some and blesses others; it’s an energy, an inherent magic waiting to be woken up. Gateless is a mind-blowing method, birthed from Eastern thought and proven by science, that rouses the irresistible muse within, returning to your storytelling roots.

Realize Your Unique Creative Genius!


Unstoppable Woman

The way to a passionate, fulfilling, happy existence is the EXACT opposite of what we’ve have been led to believe. This book is not some vague promise of happiness. It’s a radical path that will transform a life of fear and exhaustion into a grand experiment of love, trust and joy! 

Discover the uncommon wisdom of playful smiles, open hearts, and free spirits.