The Mermaid Sisterhood

If your spark has fizzled out lately or you’re going through one of those big life transitions, come kick up your heels in the tropical beauty of the Costa Rican Jungle and reclaim your enthusiasm for life and trust in your path! ( You can also find us on )

Costa Rica
June 9 – June 14

The next chapter of your life starts here!

You are about to enter one of the most life-changing experiences of your life. An experience that has the power to uncover your creative spirit and show you the most potent gifts you have to offer. In a culture that is spinning out of control, this is your salvation.

“Top 10 Life-changing Wellness Retreats…”

“The Best Worldwide Wellness Retreats to Relax & Reset…”

I see you…

Maybe you have been feeling exhausted, overextended, spent. Maybe your radiance feels like it’s swimming upstream. Maybe you’re tired of trying to make everyone happy, have had your heartbroken, or feel stuck and just finally want to feast on the amazing wonder of who you really are. Perhaps you’ve been on the spiritual path for a while and are ready to go deeper.

Your intuit has led you to the right place. The Mermaid Sisterhood wakes up that spark of brightness deep inside, This is the retreat that brings out the joyful aliveness, that’s been there all along. . .


6 incredible days at Sunrise Mountain, The Sacred Geometry retreat center my husband and I co-founded, in Santa Teresa. Waking up in a stunning Balinese Villa overlooking the sparkling Costa Rican ocean. Listening to the Scarlett Macaws at dawn, surfing the warm waves and eating ripe mangoes, sipping fresh coconut smoothies, doing yoga to the sound of howler monkeys, discovering the ancient art of storytelling with a tribe of supportive new sisters who will turn into not only your biggest fans but life long friends.

The Mermaid Sisterhood was created to show you the way back to your core essence, that glowing easeful self that brings the world to you, rather than you having to reach for it.

This isn’t just luxury…

I love luxury and this retreat is verrrry luxe.

It’s also deep. The teachings you’ll encounter during these 6 days in Costa Rica are based on radical insights gained from 15 years of spiritual study and exploration.

The techniques you learn shift your perspective, you will vibrate in a higher place than most people ever know. You will experience genuine abundance.

Women who have been through this retreat leave with the ability to attract sweet love, engage in true friendship, and invite exciting invitations and opportunities into their lives.

Anxiety and exhaustion disappear as freedom and inspiration become your compass directing you to a life you love!

The teachings and carefully curated embodiment practices you’ll encounter during these 6 days soothe your inner critic so you can feast on the riches inside and feel truly free inside your spirit.
(*no previous experience with any of the modalities is necessary)!

These transformative practices include:

Hatha Yoga

Said to be the first yoga ever, Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. Kundalini energy lives at the base of your spine dormant, and when it’s awakened you enter a…

Gateless Writing Workshop

Born of ancient zen and cutting-edge neuroscience, the unique process of truth-telling soothes the inner critic so your innate creative genius can spring forth on the page…

Beginning Surf

You will be held every step of the way by experienced instructors as you become a sexy surfer girl! Surfing such a blast, you barely realize that it’s a powerful spiritual practice that removes any barriers of control or…


Simply by using the power of your own breath in a specific pattern, you will be guided by a certified breathworker into a trance state where you bring the subconscious into….


The traditional Temazcal Ceremony with esteemed Shaman, Maria Milago, is a powerful ritual that harnesses the power of earth, wind, water and fire for deep healing…


There is no “guru, dogma or religion associate with this retreat, but you will come away with:
• Radical shifts in perspective along with powerful techniques that …


Experience ecstasy though free form movement. This is a natural state in which your awareness shifts and you enter a deeply meditative and happy state of mind through body movement…

Spa Day

Harnessing the medicinal properties of the organic coffee scrub, followed by fresh aloe and papaya masks you will reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, remove dead skin cells, reduce puffiness, leaving your skin radiant and youthful…

Drumming & Bonfire

Connect with Mother Earth’s heartbeat in a traditional drumming circle with the Sacred Moon Drum…

Find your

There are few things as nurturing, empowering and rare as having a genuine sisterhood who has your back through the ups and downs of life. Despite this time of constant…

Organic Gourmet
Plant-Based Cuisine

Enjoy 3 organic, local, plant-based meals prepared by our in-house chef Russel Tiapan. You will also be treated to refreshing detox elixirs…

Sweet Dreams
Sound Healing

Imagine being cozied up under the stars while luxuriating in a delicious sound bath. The special medicine of sound facilitates shifts in your brainwave state through entrainment…

“To say this retreat changed my life would be the understatement of the century…Since the retreat, I’ve fallen in love, created an amazing community of conscious sisters, and have been promoted 3 times! But most exciting … I’ve fallen in love with myself.”

-Claire McClung, 36, Philidelphia


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Private Room with Private en-suite Bathroom


Luxuriate in your own Master Suite with private en-suite bathroom complete with king-size bed made up of luxe linens, and sliding-glass doors, vaulted ceilings, Balinese style touches, fine woodwork, mirrors, air conditioning, fan, blackout curtains, and high-speed

Private Room
Shared Bathroom


Light bright and airy, this spacious private room has a cushy kingsize bed made up with luxe linens, sliding-glass doors that lead to your own private deck with dramatic jungle, mountain and peek-a-book ocean views. Vaulted ceilings, Balinese style touches, fine woodwork,

Shared Room
Shared Bathroom


This light, bright and airy shared room is made up with luxe linens, and sliding-glass doors that lead a lush garden and pool views. Vaulted ceilings, Balinese style touches, fine woodwork, air conditioning, fan, blackout curtains, and high-speed internet.

“I was searching for an experience that was going to challenge me, make me a bit uncomfortable, while simultaneously carrying me gently through it all. I wasn’t even sure it existed until I discovered The Mermaid Sisterhood. It’s a life-changing combination of Summer Camp meets Spirit meets Spa. It took a worn down, grieving, middle aged woman into a woman who is full of energy, passion, and lives a matter of days! The confidence I discovered in myself on the surfboard, on the mat and in the circle with my new mermaid sisters is the gift of a lifetime. Thank you!!”

-Lindsay DiLorenzo, 47, Minnesota


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Costa Rica | June 9 – June 14, 2024

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